Norfolk VA VA in Deep Water


Soon. As profiled on NOVA, the Navy is 100% certain climate change is happening, (and mankind is partly to blame.) All they have to do is look out the window. Houses surrounding the base are flooded. Some walkways are permanently under water. Trump doesn’t want to hear it. He throws more money at defense, but defunds (instead of defends) the EPA, even as Naval officers try to sell their flooded homes, and can’t. One officer said, “climate change is a national security problem.” The Marshall Islands are going away. They are going to relocate. Glaciers are melting in Antarctica, which millions of Youtubers say “is a hoax.” (That’s right: the Antarctic doesn’t exist. The Earth is flat. There’s a big Trump ice wall there, and no one has ever flown over it, much less built the Antartica Polar Telescope there. It’s all filters and CGI.) Corals worldwide are dying, due to increasing ocean temperatures. “So why is it still freezing in April?” doubters shout. Because wild weather is a pattern of climate change. Three major hurricanes back to back in 2017 cost over a billion in damage. 2018 may have five. Miami may be hit. “Thoughts and prayers” won’t stop the high winds from killing thousands (as in the suspense novel below, about a greedy televangelist throwing a hurricane party at his Miami Beach mansion.) Estimates for ten years more of Trump, should he succeed in changing the law to allow a permanent ruler in the USA, is that Miami streets will be permanently under water. Even divas living there may relocate to the Rockies for a Rocky Mountain High. Ted Turner lives on a ranch, maybe he plans to build condos? Robert Redford may give Sun Dance lessons. “Dancing with the Stars.” The sun is one of billions, just in our galaxy, and there are billions of galaxies. Just a thought.

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Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a visually intensive “blast.” Stephen Spielberg pulled off many amazing stunts and scenes, utilizing the latest special effects technology. The look of the film, which seems to have an unlimited budget, is designed to capture gamers and video game lovers attention. Lots of virtual reality weapons, car and truck racing, explosions, and many movies playing a part like a Disney theme park come to life. (The Shining was particularly effective and fun.) My favorite scene was when Chucky and a emoji attack players. The real world is broken, and depressing. Slum trailer parks and mansions, little in between. Based on the novel by Ernest Cline (narrated on audio by Wil Wheaton of Star Trek fame), it features a USPS van driven at the climax by the heroes, who are being attacked by corporate killers. The message of the film is that “VR is not reality, only reality is real.” So in a way it takes the path of Avatar, drama and romance and war, ending with food for thought. The switch from first person shooters to adventure games with puzzles may get some fans to switch from thinking “Reality is Broken” as an escape to thinking “Reality can be fixed. Let’s do it.” 

Narcissism: Viral


Narcissism is viral in America especially. We value audacity and power, while “success” means money. It really doesn’t matter how you “earned” your money: on the backs of others is fine. Slave labor, like Nike. There are scenes about this in movies, and it is the theme of Blade Runner 2049. Also watch The Rundown movie: great film, with satire, guns, a slaver with whips, and good ole American Greed. Tom Cruise played an amoral hit man in Collateral, and summed it all up nicely. See HERE for quotes. We voted in a narcissist President, believing all the Fake News spread by InfoWars and Facebook. Both had ads saying Hillary was dying, and had something to do with murdering children. Whatever Hillary did or didn’t do, supporting the torture and murder of kids while eating pizza was not one of them. Now Assad is in denial, as is Putin, for doing it. Denial and counter-attack is a tactic of sociopaths. Narcissists are charming liars, too. They manipulate other people, the media, and actually believe their own lies. So some might even pass a polygraph! “Worship me,” is their message. The entire world is their stage. No trick is left unlearned. Goal? World domination, like Stewie on Family Guy, his head the shape of a football. Trump is attacking Comey for his new book.  He said Comey should be jailed. Comey (a Republican) got Trump elected in the first place by making his last minute statement about Hillary’s emails. Now he says Trump should not be impeached: “People voted their values, and we should let this play out.” WW3? We shall see. Alex Jones of InfoWars, who also helped Trump get elected (and whom Trump called to thank him) went “ballistic” over Trump firing missiles at Assad, and said “F—-Trump!” many times over on his show. Jones, also a narcissist (and Sandy Hook denier) said WW3 is coming soon, adding that Russia and Syria were trying to fight ISIS in “a good fight.” He too waves flags, despite Einstein once saying that “Nationalism is the measles of humanity.” (Who are you going to believe: a college dropout selling male enhancement products or the Pulitzer Prize winner in Physics who was named “Person of the Century.”) Olympics and the Spartans, who forced kids to kill each other? We could go on and on, here. The point is that narcissism is delusion, including self delusion. No one is King of the World or universe, or will ever be. Other narcissists and sociopaths won’t allow it. Or as Vincent in Collateral said, “We’re a dot in the universe. Who cares?” The Vincent character is a sociopath, not a narcissist. He has no delusions. He wants no one to know who he is. His past is unknown, never mentioned. Which is why he’s so fascinating, and why I wrote a prequel.