Survivor Diary: End of Humanity

In the world which has ended my name was Dr. Adrian Bonner. I was civilian head of the quantum computer lab at the DOD, under contract from Nexus Robotics. I have decided to keep this journal as a record of my thoughts on what has happened to me, and to the world. I do not know if anyone else is alive, but in case something happens to me and someone finds this, it may in some small way explain.
    Right now I am sitting in a coffee shop in Tucson called Bean There. There is no coffee because there is no electricity. There is still some water pressure, so I have been using a portable butane stove I got at Wal Mart to heat what I put into a French press. I’ve disposed of the milk, which is going stale, after giving up on finding a gasoline generator or working refrigerator truck. Most vehicles don’t start anymore. I’m not sure why, but my working theory is that electromagnetic pulses accompanied the neutron bombs. In science, a “theory” is something more than a guess, and i have proofs to share on this shortly.
    I’ve been trying to think what to do next. I could return to the abandoned cold war Titan Missile base where I was sent to survive this, and live behind a four foot steel door closed by hydraulics. But radiation levels are low in town now, and there’s no reason to stay there. I don’t believe this will happen again. Nexus has done its work. The people are gone, just like he promised. Only I remain. Alone.   



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