Arrival Review

arrivalSaw it yesterday. Great stuff. Unusual take on the alien invasion theme: language is key. Can’t say much more than this, other than to say that when you base something on an award winning story in an actual book what you get is thought provoking instead of merely inane special effects and blazing guns. You will think about it afterward, and never forget the encounter of a grisly looking species which we expect to be as violent as we are…but which is so far advanced their science seems to be magic to us. If they wanted to kill us it would be no problem. All our political maneuvers, tanks, bombs…it would all be useless. Why are they here? That’s the question solved by the surprise ending. Based on a story by science fiction writer Ted Chiang, ARRIVAL is a movie that breaks the Hollywood mindset with great performances by Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. Ted Chiang is a celebrated author of numerous short stories, including “Exhalation,” which won the Hugo, British Science Fiction, and Locus awards. He is also the author of the novellas The Lifecycle of Software Objects and The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate. Ted lives near Seattle. An odd thing, have you noticed that the spacecraft in Arrival resembles the vehicle in the PBS series COSMOS?



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