What if Tom Cruise talked to Harlan Ellison?

Harlan Ellison

Tom Cruise is a fan of science fiction. He is a fine actor who takes risks, and has made many movies in the genre. He has talked on Oprah, on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, and the Tonight Show. He is also a Scientologist. Harlan Ellison is one of the most award-winning science fiction writers ever, with multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, plus Edgar awards in the mystery category. His story “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” is a classic. Almost single-handedly, Ellison saved Star Trek in the early days from extinction. He wrote the “City at the Edge of Forever” episode, and in an audiobook of the same name tells how it all happened. The Terminator was Ellison’s idea, too. Based on an Outer Limits episode he wrote, and a short story. He sued James Cameron, who settled out of court. So here’s the question: why not get Tom and Harlan together on a talk show? Can you imagine the fireworks? Why? Harlan knew L. Ron Hubbard personally. Hubbard told Harlan that starting a religion was the best way to make money. Listen to this brief conversation. Ellison talks to Robin Williams about it. His award winning “A Boy and His Dog” was made into a Don Johnson movie whose ending was twisted by Hollywood hacks into a joke. Is Ellison combative and a narcissist? Sure. So is Trump, and he got elected. Ellison is also right. Trump is not.

Jimmy Fallon



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