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The Parafaith War

The Parafaith WarSome bad ideas go back a long way, and this one goes all the way back to the original home planet: Someone’s god told them they had a right to more territory – so they figure they can take what they want by divine right. In the far future among the colonized worlds of the galaxy, there’s a war going on between the majority of civilized worlds and a colonial theocracy. Trystin Desoll grows up fighting against religious fanatics and becomes a hero, a first-class pilot, then, amazingly, a spy. What do you do if you’re a relatively humane soldier fighting millions of suicidal volunteers on the other side who know that they are utterly right, and you are utterly wrong, with no middle ground? Trystin Desoll has an idea. THE PARAFAITH WAR. New to audio this month. Great narration, free of melodrama. More like animated reportage with acted dialogue than hyperbole. Has been compared to The Forever War, but is even more controversial in that science and religion clash in what is essentially mindless unending conflict. The author clearly sides on the green side: the opposition is all about destroying the environment in order to expand and conquer. Global warming takes on a new meaning when talking multiple worlds, lit up by war. Trump SpaceForce? Not exactly. The print version was written in 2010. Getting both one star and five star reviews, depending on your politics, perhaps! Either way, well worth a listen, but not a masterpiece like The Forever War, which won every award there is in scifi, and was one of the books that influenced Avatar.


Cigars, Anyone?


AI Scifi, suspense, romance, and a Prequel to Collateral. What more could you ask for in summer reading? “The Key to Vincent” is in the Florida Keys. Cigar smuggling in the late 80s….


Genetic engineering
What if there was a pill to extend lifespan by decades? How much would it cost? The ebook is only $3.99. The paperback is more. The audiobook is nothing, if you join Audible to listen. Or add it to your summer listening….