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The co-author of John Sandford’s SATURN RUN just interviewed HERE. Some surprises about Star Trek and the Alien series. 

Saturn Run John Sandford


Fahrenheit 451 Going to TV Again

Ray Bradbury

Amazing news. It’s one of the most talked about (literally) science fiction books of all time, and more relevant to today than ever. Having known Ray Bradbury as a teen, I was blessed by hearing from him several times. He was a visionary, generous and an inspiration to many writers. My favorite short story was “The Dwarf,” and I remember asking him if it would go to film, and he said it did, in a TV series shot in Canada. Fav novel? Mine, besides Fahrenheit 451 (which was more about television “incinerating imagination” than in censorship), is “Dandelion Wine.” A sensitive boy comes of age in a small town, and suddenly realizes he’s “alive.” Current young school shooters know only death, rejection, and violent video games. They don’t want to live, they want to die, and bring others with them. Our entire culture is about confrontation, making everything a sport. Politics, guns, even sex is a sport. But what do you “win?” Death. That’s what you win. Inner death. Insensitivity, jaded cynicism and cruelty. Intolerance. US vs THEM. Imagine a world where love goes viral instead of hate. That’s what Ray did.


Iron Man Homeless

Iron Man

He looks a bit like an Oscar, but Iron Man has forgotten who he is. Found wandering the streets of New York among the homeless after his suit was stolen, Tony Stark is now almost stark naked. And afraid. He couldn’t even remember his net worth, which was $12.4 Billion. Assuming he had money to pay his medical bills, hospital staff at Bellevue ordered a round of CT and MRI scans, psych tests, then put Tony onZoloft and Aricept. Nurses pitched in to buy him an Iron Man suit at Boys R Us in hopes that his memory will return. Along with his credit card numbers. They fed him a steak dinner in hopes that the protein and iron would improve his memory. He did mumble something about “where’s the beef,” after all. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to his doctors, Tony’s Malibu estate was being ransacked for gold jewelry. Several cars were stolen, along with several blueprints to be sold to China. Despite his high IQ, Tony remains virtually speechless about the Avengers whereabouts, or anyone else. JARVIS, his AI, has been contacted about his situation, but someone pulled most of its memory crystals, so it only recited the Taylor Swift song “Ready for It.”   


In more important news, here’s a book written by a Harvard geneticist showing that iron in the diet is linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Are they reporting this? Not really. Why? The meat industry has one of the biggest lobbyist groups in Washington, and owns the press, along with junk food and prescription drugs. The drug industry is bigger than the gun lobby, and makes more money. Their ads pay the salaries of network news shows and affiliates. So they CAN’T talk about this. Which is also why you may never have heard it. The facts: those countries which eat the least red meat have the lower rates for dementia and other brain diseases. Plus only in America do they add iron to cereals and flour products as “fortified.” It sounds good: fortified. But if you are over age 40, you are essentially being poisoned. “It’s a toxic dose,” says Estep. You know that sodium is needed by the body, right? Too much salt kills? (Stroke and high blood pressure result.) Well, too much iron kills too. “Many people over 50 get over 100 times the amount of iron they need.” In Japan and northern Italy people live longest, plus some places in China. What do they eat? White rice and beans, fish, vegetables, with no added iron in the flour. Next time you’re in the store, look at the label of cereals. Some say “100% of the daily allowance” of iron. That’s one cup. As if you’re eating no meat or anything else that day. Now watch the ads for the Baconator or the Whopper. The bun even has added iron. Happy? What about your grandpa and grandma, who will need your help to remember your name? 

Mario Batali