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Dianetics and Robin Williams

Future Crimes

In an interview with science fiction author Harlan Ellison (talking to Robin Williams) Harlan says he was in the room when L Ron Hubbard was told by scifi author Lester del Rey that “the best way to make money is to start a religion.” Hubbard was complaining about his royalties from writing science fiction himself. Ron took notes, and began writing Dianetics, which became the textbook for Scientology. When you move up the ladder far enough by giving the equivalent of a single family home, you learn that Hubbard is trillions of years old, and wandered the universe for eons in former lives. Evil creatures (demons) traveled in spaceships (UFOs) and were called Thetans. They sometimes went into the ocean. (Hubbard’s ocean fleet is called Sea Org.) Thetans were blown up in a volcano by a Hydrogen bomb, and now travel around seeking to inhabit souls. An “audit” is conducted by Scientologists using an “E-Meter” (proven bogus) to control the minions donating (to “move up”) by seeing how much of the Thetan influence can be removed (costing more $ each time.) Hubbard’s replacement has been known to beat women and punch out anyone who questions his authority. His wife disappeared after challenging him. No one has ever seen her again. He recruited Tom Cruise, his chief asset. They couldn’t control his wife, who left him. Anyone who is ousted from Scientology is ex-communicated. Friends are told to abandon them or be ousted themselves. 


Review of Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2

Saw Blade Runner 2049. Great film. Good story, but mostly a moving tribute to the original classic. Ryan Gosling is superb, and the special effects alone make the movie worth seeing. (Finally, an intelligent film after so much superhero madness and one-liners!) Never boring. Not even for narcissists with low attention span. And I didn’t see it in 3D, just standard screen. Cringed to see the giant Coke ad, but it was probably more irony than product placement. Was it a masterpiece like the director’s cut of the original with Rutger Hauer? No, but I’m not complaining. Is Harrison’s Deckard a replicant? Little chance of that. The book says no, too. There’s a bigger surprise I can’t mention. Go see it, then listen to the audiobook, which is like an audio movie. At TowerReview.com I’ve posted links to a book on how the movie was made, plus a fashion tee shirt and the bomber jacket style worn by Gosling in the film. His image appears on the link. BTW, music? No tunes to sing, but an effective and eerie original score that swells to thunder at just the right moments.

Blade Runner 2049





Went into a health food store looking for flour without added iron. The owner asked me why. I told her about the new book THE MINDSPAN DIET, which shows that the American diet is saturated with supplemental iron, and it is a leading cause of dementia. She started to lecture me about nutrition, saying that no one knows what causes Alzheimer’s. I told her it was a recent book with new science. She didn’t want to know the title or the author, or anything about it. Instead she repeated her contention that “no one knows,” and that studies are “first one way and then the other.” So I tried to explain that surveys were taken of the longest living people on Earth with the least dementia, and in all cases those areas showed the least amount of supplemental iron or red meat in the diet (red meat is high in iron.) She began to get angry. How dare I, a mere customer, suggest she might be wrong? Her identity was tied to her knowing what her customers do not, and, after all, so many of her products are fortified with iron, how could they all be wrong? I smiled, made my purchase (twice the cost of regular flour for one not “enriched”) and left. Then I went to my sister’s and found that she had purchased many prepackaged “nutrition” dinners and “healthy” snacks from Nutrisystem and Medifast. They all contained supplemental iron. Most cereals contain supplemental iron. Most breads and cakes. The author, a geneticist from Harvard, says that Americans already get 100 times the amount of iron we need, and no one needs added iron after grade school. The levels of iron Americans get can be toxic to people over 40, and cause dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. But the general public largely doesn’t know this yet. We still believe the labels. It sounds so good: “fortified with iron.” And apparently it is all a LIE. Just like Coke and Pepsi told us that HFCS was okay as a sugar substitute, or that artificial sweeteners are okay too. Except this is even worse. Alzheimer’s is now the #3 killer. Like diabetes, it is epidemic. And very costly. Why wouldn’t you want to know?


Unlike the health food store owner, to me it doesn’t matter who says something or what someone believes. My opinion doesn’t matter. Only the science matters. You go where the science goes. Convince me otherwise, and my opinion will change. As it should. How about you? Thoughts?