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Replicating Yourself


Can consciousness be replicated in machines? According to one scientist, it will probably happen only when we understand what consciousness is, and how creativity works. In the meantime, quote: “A meme is an idea that replicates itself in other minds.” —The Beginning of Infinity is one of the best books on science ever written. Reviewers, including the NYTimes, agree. It describes how science works, with in depth examples. On IG many post memes without knowing what they are. This is ironic, because real memes (ideas) can be both good and bad (false), and not be perceived as such by the brains in which they are replicated. This is why memes (ideas) are so powerful: false ideas spread just as fast as true, and things that are bad go viral. “Virus” is the root of “viral.” Bad ideas spread through the internet quickly, and people who believe them tend not to know how to distinguish between real and fake because the knowledge of how to distinguish truth is lacking. The bad idea that one must fight “evil” with guns or swords is viral today, just as it was in the Dark Ages. As Einstein put it, “The only thing that can defeat violence is education.” His ideas created the atomic bomb, and he wrote a letter to the president saying it was a mistake to use atomic energy for any purpose other than peace. Psychology shows that the most violent people are also the least educated. They are pawns of rich dictators or military leaders, who use them in their perverse chess games, giving them an outlet for violence…until a meme (the idea that they have been so used) goes viral, and they are overthrown. (Mugabe.) Science is “about finding BETTER EXPLANATIONS.” It is a slow process that occasional finds a breakthrough. A meme comes into existence, and goes viral. Love requires sacrifice, but should not require violence. Ignorance is not “bliss.” It is the most dangerous thing on the planet. It is always a good idea to read widely.

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