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SciFi News


The co-author of John Sandford’s SATURN RUN just interviewed HERE. Some surprises about Star Trek and the Alien series. 

Saturn Run John Sandford


Fahrenheit 451 Going to TV Again

Ray Bradbury

Amazing news. It’s one of the most talked about (literally) science fiction books of all time, and more relevant to today than ever. Having known Ray Bradbury as a teen, I was blessed by hearing from him several times. He was a visionary, generous and an inspiration to many writers. My favorite short story was “The Dwarf,” and I remember asking him if it would go to film, and he said it did, in a TV series shot in Canada. Fav novel? Mine, besides Fahrenheit 451 (which was more about television “incinerating imagination” than in censorship), is “Dandelion Wine.” A sensitive boy comes of age in a small town, and suddenly realizes he’s “alive.” Current young school shooters know only death, rejection, and violent video games. They don’t want to live, they want to die, and bring others with them. Our entire culture is about confrontation, making everything a sport. Politics, guns, even sex is a sport. But what do you “win?” Death. That’s what you win. Inner death. Insensitivity, jaded cynicism and cruelty. Intolerance. US vs THEM. Imagine a world where love goes viral instead of hate. That’s what Ray did.


The Dumbest, Most Sexist Scifi Series?

What is YOUR pick for worst? Here’s mine:

UFO, the TV series. Not only is it a 70s strip tease, with men in charge while the women all wear tight silver stripper outfits with purple hair, but the great US Military defeats more “highly advanced” civilizations every week, with explosions heard in space, and no higher purpose than gun battles. Feel sick? MeToo.


This image went viral in the last summer Olympics. It is now a meme.


Have we become a static society, as described by David Deutsch in The Beginning of Infinity? Can we really go backward to the dumb Dark Ages? He thinks not, but there is evidence of culture rejecting science, and turning everything from politics to religion into a spectator sport. White vs black, women vs men, Democrat vs Republican, military vs military. Everyone wants to see ego parades of head-butting concussions, violence without meaning or connection, like in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Will we all become jaded and cynical as the Tom Cruise character in Collateral? We are spied on and tracked, and don’t seem to care. Like lemmings, we follow the Kardashians in hope of escaping the world, as they have. That hope is thin, though. Onion skin thin, and getting thinner every day. Listen to this